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Randy's Collection of Weather Data

What's happening right now at Randy's Place

Live Weather Radio Feed-Hawaii is from Randy's Station!

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Latest GOES Infared Image for area around AH6GR

Weather Satellite Images
Recent Hawaii Earthquakes (USGS)


Photo of the Hale-Bopp Comet taken on 4/1/97 at the 6500 foot level of Mount Haleakala. "Amateur" photo expedition participants were NH6QF (cameraman), NH6FT & AH6GR.


Hawaiian Snow??? Photo of Mauna Kea (13000+ feet) Photo taken by Randy on one of his many high altitude flights!


Photo of the active volcanic vent nicknamed "The Jacuzzi" located above the famous Kalapana Beach on the Big Island.
Photo taken on 11/2/98
Cameraman: George Reioux
Aircraft Pilot: Randy

Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking out my homepage. You will find all kinds of links relating to Amateur Radio, Aviation and Law Enforcement. These are the best of the cool places to hang out. So go knock yourself out and have fun. Let me know how you like the music. Aloha, Randy


Brandmeister Digital Radio Network


Ham Radio Adventures
Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)

Echolink Radio Linking

Maui Amateur Radio Club KH6RS Homepage

American Amateur Radio Relay League Homepage


Ham Radio Outlet

National Institute of Standard & Technology

Federal Communications Commission Homepage

HamCall Database Lookup


Aviation Links

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Experimental Aircraft Association

Aloha Flight 243-The Miracle Landing

Popular Rotorcraft Association

Model Aircraft Association

Federal Aviation Administration

National Transportation & Safety Board


Law Enforcement Links

Maui Police Department's Homepage

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Various Police Scann Feeds "Live Realaudio Site"

COPS TV Show Homepage

Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club


Other cool places to surf!

Kim Komando


Coast to Coast AM (strange but interesting)

Sightings(strange but interesting)


A few of my friend's Home pages!

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Randy Leval


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